Why Hire an IT Advisor?

Do you have an IT need that is outside the scope of your team’s day-to-day work? If so, you should consider how IT advisors like iRangers could make all the difference.

Your IT Team Can’t Do It All
We’re not trying to insult anyone’s IT team. Most of the time, the vast majority of IT teams are setup to handle the day-to-day needs or their organization. That’s what they’re designed and developed to do.

This is why it would also be unrealistic to expect that the same IT folks would suddenly be able to leap into action to resolve more unique problems.

Think of it this way; when you get on a commercial flight the pilot flying your plane is extremely well-trained and has thousands of hours of flying experience. You trust in their experience and professionalism to operate that plane expertly to get you back on the ground safely. However, would you rely on that same pilot to design and build the plane you’re in? Even though pilots are most likely capable and have a good understanding of how a plane is built would you feel comfortable flying in the first plane they would build? Just because you know how to operate a plane doesn’t mean you know how to build one.

Just like in IT, for day-to-day needs, your current team is great at flying the plane. However, when you need something new implemented or existing upgraded, are you prepared to put yourself at risk by relying on your team to get the job done.

What you need are specialists who have successfully done this type of work many times.

Bridge Building
Another problem we often see with our clients is when IT doesn’t really take into account the real Business needs and the opposite – when Business doesn’t listen to their IT.

We at iRangers understand that IT is there to support Business and not to try new techy stuff just because it’s cool. On the other side we also know that Business often tries to achieve a short term goal without seeing the whole picture of IT abilities and long-term strategy. That’s why the very first thing we do when we start a conversation with a client is understand the short and long-term plans, abilities and concerns of both IT and Business and build a bridge between the two.

Understanding both Business and IT and ensuring the communication between them is extremely important for any project. What’s more – it is a key to success for the overall Business IT strategy. Unfortunately, this piece is regularly missed not only by company’s IT but often by experienced consultants.

Our Unrivaled Experience
We’re working on complex projects like this every single day for over 20 years. Our team has successfully finished more than 2,500 projects all over the world!

However, the truth is that—even at this level—we still run into unique situations, issues and challenges. There’s just no way to come at these projects with prefabricated solutions that fit every problem.

Instead, you need decades of combined experience like the kind we bring with just our core team. While we’d never go so far as to say we’ve seen it all, we’ve definitely seen more than our fair share and enough to know how to address these huge projects.

Hiring an IT advisor is absolutely essential to getting your business needs met when it comes to the types of projects that go above what your IT department have experience with. At iRangers, our speciality is tackling these goals from beginning to end!

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