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At iRangers, we are proud of the one-of-a-kind team we have put together over many years of working together and really understand how to support one another to provide our customers and partners with unique and valued services.  Our customers see us as trusted IT Advisors, working on their behalf to achieve their goals and objectives.
We understand that it’s a big step to move forward and hire a team that will help you with such an important part of your company, so we’d love to explain our unique methodology.

iRangers Approach

At the start of any project, part of iRangers methodology includes a business alignment discussion to ensure that overarching business objectives are documented and taken into account throughout the entire course of the project.  We accomplish this through envisioning meetings and workshops where iRangers experts work with stakeholders to understand the long-term objectives and business drivers so that the technology architectures are designed to enable business objectives.

Building Bridges between IT and the Business

We work hand-in-hand with the customer’s project team to complete the scope of work and properly detail the master project plan.  This focus on a well-defined scope of work promotes consensus between the customer and iRangers regarding project objectives, expectations, required budgets, roles and responsibilities, phase completion, satisfaction guidelines, criteria for success, and overall scope of services.

Focusing our conversations with customers on business challenges rather than technology products has helped customers be better positioned for growth and has allowed us to produce better results for our customers that address both long and short term business goals and deliver outstanding return on investment.

By building a bridge between IT and the rest of the business helps to ensure that both are speaking the same language (rather than this) and talking frequently. The end result is a company with a unified goal.

Agile by Design

Although we do everything to ensure we have an objective plan for going forward, there’s no way to predict everything ahead. Project scopes that don’t entail a sufficient amount of agility are doomed to fail.

We sit down with our clients to make sure they know what success looks like and what will be required to hit this goal. This way, as new challenges arise, they’re prepared for an agile approach to tackling them.

We do believe, there’s no other team of IT professionals like iRangers on the planet, which is why we have clients all over the globe.

Now that you understand our methodology it’s clear why we’ve been so successful.

Add your name to the list of successful clients by contact us to guarantee the success of your next project!

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