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iRangers Services for Office 365 & Azure

Successful adoption of Microsoft Office 365 & Azure requires a comprehensive approach that avoids disruption to your ongoing operations. As a Microsoft leading partner – with tens of thousands of seats deployed, including large organizations with thousands of users – iRangers services and tools help you quickly and cost-effectively maximize the potential of the Microsoft Cloud. Leveraging our deep expertise with Microsoft technologies, we’ll help you achieve agility and productivity with Office 365 & Azure.

Cloud Transformation Strategy is the Key to Success

Transformation to Office 365 & Azure requires careful planning and execution. Cloud workloads in Azure, email, presence, instant messaging, unified communications, and social media are tied together to enable new ways of working. However, integration is not automatic in today’s hybrid world, especially with the complexity of enterprise backend systems. Addressing the integration challenge incorrectly or incompletely leads to the risk of business disruption.
Given the existing customization and integration with your enterprise application portfolio, careful consideration is needed to determine what can operate in the cloud, what should remain on premises – and how to combine the two in a hybrid configuration that addresses the needs of the business and IT.
Organizations must incorporate technical, business and end-user considerations to gain the best results, otherwise, the full, transformative potential of Office 365 & Azure will go unrealized. What is even worse, it may significantly disrupt business operations. This has prompted many enterprises to seek expertise to help manage the effort. Finding the right partner to assist with managing the complex project that touches every part of the business is the key to the successful transition.

iRangers Services for Microsoft Office 365/Azure

iRangers Services for Microsoft Office 365 & Azure include proven tools and methodology to cost-effectively and seamlessly transform your current communications and collaboration environment to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud. iRangers analyzes your current on-premises deployment for potential candidates, identifies the required updates, and manages the move. Additional services include integration with applications that remain on-premises as well as management of the surrounding services of your Office 365 & Azure environment.

Benefits of iRangers Services for Office 365/Azure

  • Reduce risks through holistic transformational planning to ensure business continuity.
  • Achieve faster return-on-investment through cost-saving implementation processes and integration with line-of-business systems.
  • Get greater agility with the successful engagement that positions your organization to take advantage of the transformative potential of Office 365 & Azure.
  • Increase productivity and user acceptance through training and change management that minimizes disruption.
  • Free up your IT staff to focus on new, strategic initiatives by having our team of experts manage the surrounding services of the greater ecosystem.

Quickly Realize the Productivity and ROI of Office 365 & Azure

iRangers Office 365 & Azure solution helps to move your organization to the latest communications and collaboration services on the Microsoft Cloud. iRangers proven expertise with Microsoft technologies is delivered through services, migration methodology, and tools that focus on the key aspects of a successful cloud productivity environment.

Plan – Analyze your current environment with iRangers Health Check and Assessment service, determining the upgrades required for applications, networks and directories, integration requirements, as well as the prospective ROI.

Build – With iRangers proven tools, efficiently manage the movement of Exchange, SharePoint (or Lotus Software) content and user data to Office 365 & Azure, as well change enablement to ensure platform readiness.

Run – Get a range of subscription services for the ongoing management of your Office 365 & Azure ecosystem provided by iRangers experts.

Enhance – Take advantage of iRangers proven expertise with Microsoft technologies to integrate your Office 365 & Azure environment with your business processes. Extend functionality with complete unified communications infrastructure by incorporating enterprise voice to provide innovative solutions to your business.

What’s Next?

With iRangers Services for Microsoft Office 365 & Azure, customers gain the ability to transform their legacy environment into cloud-sourced services in a seamless and cost-effective way that mitigates risks and improves workforce adoption.

Get started with an iRangers Cloud Readiness Assessment to prepare your organization for a move to the cloud.  The purpose of the assessment is to provide:

  • End-to-end analysis and health check of your infrastructure including:
    • directory services,
    • identity management,
    • exchange organization,
    • networking,
    • security,
    • current software deployment and usage data
  • Evaluation of your cloud readiness with formal presentation of findings, recommendations, and next steps, keeping in mind your short and long-term cloud strategy and overall business goals.

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