WOW… We Didn’t Know That This Level of Expertise Exists in Our Back Yard!

WOW… We Didn’t Know That This Level of Expertise Exists in Our Back Yard!” this is what we hear over and over for last several years when we meet with businesses.

I can understand where this excitement is coming from. For many years enterprises here in prairies who needed high-end expertise were parachuting them in from across Canada and sometimes even from the USA. Now, to hear that this level of expertise is available in their own back yard, at first is met with disbelief then with great interest. This is often how we first get involved with organizations in the prairies.

So, you could ask me what exactly makes them so excited and proud to talk about iRangers?! It’s very simple. Here is a short version of my “regular” speech:
It took us more than 15 years to build a team of experts, and now we are very proud that iRangers is considered a leading business technology consulting firm that works with organizations around the globe in public and private sectors.

We are boutique professional services company, focused on delivering technology solutions that make real world improvements to an organizations performance! We don’t resell hardware, software, or licenses (for this we have partners). At iRangers we are passionate to make things better and love what we do and our customers benefit by seeing significant improvements in how they use technology!

We are the only Canadian company, which has five experts that were nominated and awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVPs), in a variety of areas including Identity Management, Security, and Office 365! One of our team members is even trained as a Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM), of which there are only 500 in the world (only 5 in Canada). The top two most certified Citrix experts in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are part of the iRangers team.

We specialize in providing solutions in messaging and collaboration, network infrastructure, security, virtualization, and cloud computing from industry leading vendors Microsoft, Citrix, Amazon, CheckPoint and VMware.

When I talk about projects and organizations, where we delivered projects, I usually need someone to stop me ;)… because, we’ve done many huge projects for Universities, Government Organizations, Military, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, Healthcare, Manufacturing, transportation, media producers (Music and TV), Food producers, and so on!

What really makes me VERY excited is that much of our growth has been through word of mouth and customer references. For me, it’s the best evidence that customers are very happy with our delivery and see great value in what we do!

So now we want to work on getting the word out about the best kept secret in the Prairie’s!

Feel free to contact me or any of the iRangers team through our website or via LinkedIn.

You are welcome to read LinkedIn profiles of all iRangers… you will see why people want to work with iRangers 😉

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