Stagefright: is your life companion vulnerable

During the last few days, only the lazy one did not mention the evil Stagefreight vulnerability, allowing vulnerability exploitation just by opening the evil MMS or playing video file prepared in a special way. At the time of discovery, about 95% of all devices were vulnerable. Now the gospel: there is finally an app allowing you to check whether your device is vulnerable. Take look at Zimperium’s Stagefright Detector App. Should your little friend be vulnerable there are medicines to heal the disease:

  • Update your ROM: there are already updates for Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Disable the auto-fetching of MMS messages. Should you be using Google’s Hangout, make sure to disable it there as well.

By the way, the experience tells me that there is a high risk of further vulnerabilities in this library.

Stay tuned!

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