iRangers – How It All Started

If you’re looking for a team of IT consultants, you won’t have much trouble finding options out there. Today, there are numerous consultants in the IT field all over the world. So you may be wondering what makes iRangers different. Why would we start another team in the first place when there are so many alternatives to choose from?

Over the last several years, iRangers’ name has become well known in Canada and our enterprise customers know us and know our story. However, when we do work across Canada, in the U.S. or in Europe, people have questions about our company. So we decided to write about ourselves: who we are, what we do, how we work and what keeps us passionate about this industry.

Our Background
Our team is made up of experts who all come from the world of consulting. Prior to starting iRangers, though, we noticed some common issues that kept customers from getting the services they so desperately needed.
These included things like:

  • The way consulting companies operated
  • The way services were provided
  • Unprofessionalism in service delivery and decision making
  • Billing approaches
  • The way companies push products/services based on margins, not real client needs

In the end, we knew customers were often getting little value for what they were paying for. As IT professionals who are passionate about this industry, we very much wanted to do more. We wanted to provide real solutions to customers’ needs. As problem-solvers we also take pride in getting things done right the first time – even when others say it can’t be done.

The iRangers Philosophy
Our company’s philosophy is very much built around this idea. We truly believe that loving what you do is the only way to get the best possible result…and we absolutely love information technology.

At the same time, we look to work with companies that have this same philosophy. It is important to our success that we respect the knowledge our clients have when it comes to their business. This means our clients never have to worry that we’re the type of consultancy that brings cookie-cutter solutions to the table or will otherwise try to minimize their input. In fact, learning from everyone we work with has been one of the driving forces behind iRangers’ success.

The iRangers Team
Naturally, none of the above would matter much if we hadn’t put together a team that could take this philosophy and put it into practice for the benefit of our customers.

While we definitely invite you to learn more about our team, sufficed to say, we bring decades of combined experience to the table.

You’ll also notice that we have an impressive list of successful projects and happy clients that speaks to our success. iRangers’ IT Artists have worked extensively almost everywhere in the globe…all over Canada into the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, India and China.

The Final Word
iRangers was founded on a very simple idea: while IT is technical and complicated, providing a high-quality solution doesn’t need to be. By treating each client as the unique company they are and by looking at their problem in this same light, we create effective solutions with real value.

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