Many organizations have had their IT infrastructure evolve into a complex labyrinth of disconnected systems.  The reasons this happens are varied but the outcome is the same, one in which the IT environment becomes a hindrance to the organization and the IT group is out of sync with the goals and objective of the business.  The impact on the business is significant as it stifles innovation and growth.  To remain competitive, IT needs to be closely aligned to business priorities.

The Solution

The journey of building better alignment between the business and IT begins with interactive meetings, when iRangers and customer business leaders meet to understand both short-term and longer-term goals.  This, together with interviews with stakeholders across the organization and collaborative workshop style discussions with iRangers technology experts, leads to the creation of a multi-year Business Technology Roadmap.

Through the 1, 3, or 5 days engagement the IT Group gains a better understanding of the direction the business is heading and develops a Technology Roadmap which reflects priorities through innovative and modern technologies.

Workshop Sessions

Interactive discussions to:

  • Identify business priorities,
  • Gather technical and business functional requirements, and
  • Understand the current state, challenges, gaps, and pain points.

Technology Topics Covered

  • Identity Management – Authentication mechanisms that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons.
  • Communication systems– Email, Instant messaging, and voice communication.
  • End User Computing – Strategy and processes to address the complexity and security challenges of managing end user devices; while at the same time enhancing end user experience, reducing operational costs, and increasing user productivity.

Business Technology Roadmap

Using the Strawman approach iRangers collaborate with the customer to create a Technology Roadmap Framework that:

  • Ensures business and IT requirements are mapped to appropriate technologies & solutions.
  • The developed requirements and solutions are collaboratively prioritized and their logical order of delivers is determined.
  • Agree on next steps to flesh out all deliverables and timelines with defined work packages.


Business Technology Roadmap Service