Critical Vulnerability in Adobe Flash

A critical vulnerability has recently been identified by Adobe in their Flash Player version or earlier. The CVE-2016-7855 vulnerability allows hackers to run malicious code on the affected computer using a Flash file. The existing exploit can potentially grant the hacker the full control over the affected system.

Flash Player is installed as a desktop application and within most web browsers. The vast majority of users have Flash Player installed on their computers including PC or Mac.

There are various reports of hacker attacks using this Adobe vulnerability. iRangers recommend taking the following actions immediately:

Update all your devices to the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player. You can check your version of the Flash Player here

Updating Flash Player

– You can update the Flash Desktop Player using this link: Adobe Flash Desktop Player

– If you have Google Chrome installed update it to the latest version. Use this link for detailed instructions: Google Chrome Update

– If you using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11, install the latest Microsoft Updates. Use this link for detailed instructions: Microsoft Updates and select How do I keep my PC up to Date?

– If you have Flash Player for Linux, use this link: Adobe Flash for Linux

Official Adobe Security Bulletin can be found here.

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